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New Students


The path or way in karate begins with the first step. We invite you to come in and watch a class or train for free the first class. You can then get a feel for Shotokan Karate and decide if it is the right path for you.

When you are in class, movements and procedures may seem awkward at first which is to be expected when you are beginning. We are completely understanding of this and will help you. Remember that everyone began as a white belt and are on the same path. It is recommended that you spend a Saturday with a Senpai to get orientated.

Getting Started

  • Watch a class or train in the beginner class. Click here for beginner class info. Be sure to come in a little early before the class starts so that you can ask questions and/or change. If you do decide to train with us, a gi (karate uniform) is not initially required so you can wear workout clothes (sweats, light shirt, shorts). Also please remove any jewelry or watches. This is for everyones safety. We provide gis at a group discount rate when you decide to purchase one.
  • Please fill out our medical release prior to training. This form can be downloaded here (PDF format) or picked up at the dojo before class.
  • Read our welcome letter!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does class cost?

All students at the Bend Karate Club pay a flat fee of $45 per month. There is no contract required and payment is due on a monthly basis.

Can I watch a class?

We encourage you to come by and watch a class before training.

I'm a little worried about just jumping into class. Do you have an orientation?

Yes! We encourage students to come in on a Saturday and orientate with an instructor. This takes about 1 hour.

What do I wear during training and do I need a uniform?

Workout clothes is acceptable during a trial period and once you decide to train with us, a white karate uniform will be required.